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First medals are handed!

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Publication date - 2016.11.29
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The second season of Ice on Fire started this saturday. First race went under a code name of BLACKOUT, since there was an electricity breakage for a good hour or so. However, it was a good country number as well- riders from Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Finland, Estonia and Latvia were present. It was a great opportunity for Latvian riders to see the level of their strength.
Jānis Jasenovičs even made it to podium thus making foreign riders have a second thought. Bronze for him this time, but the season is just starting. Rolands Ločmelis, Sandis Zolmanis, Pauls Krūmiņš and Jānis Petkēvics also did some fast runs each, but the total is set by two runs so guys needed more stability.
Mark Taru of Estonia also did some decent runs for the first time and promised to bring up more guys from ''Estonian gang'' next time.
Top 6 of first race:
1. Kilian Braun (Switzerland)
2. Philipp Auerswald (Germany)
3. Jānis Jasenovičs (Latvia)
4. Ronalds Ločmelis (Latvia)
5. Miika Jouhkimainen (Finland)
6. Adrian Deck (Switzerland)

If you have not registered yet, DO IT NOW on www.iceonfire.eu.

Next race december 10th, training december 8th.

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